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Live Support Features:

Description: Basic Pro Enterprise
Live Support Chat Code
Easy to install Live support code to place on any HTML page. You can even place this code on eBay auctions and in emails! Plain HTML and JavaScript options to pick from. We can install this for you if you have trouble.
Custom Departments
Create your own support categories. Examples of support categories are Sales, Tech support, etc.
Canned Messages
Predefined messages that you can easily send to your customers during a chat session. Operators can create their own set of canned messages for each department that they are assigned to.
Auto Greeting Messages
Custom greeting messages for all operators, and for each category that they are assigned to. Auto Greetings are automatically sent when the chat begins.
Example: "Hello, my name is Kevin. Thank you for using our live support chat system."
Push Pages
This feature allows you to open pages directly to the end user. This is useful if you are trying to direct someone to a specific area of your site.
Offline Messages
Gives visitors an option to send an offline message to a specified department. An e-mail will be sent to the department e-mail address during each offline message and a ticket will be created. Offline messages are stored and can be retrieved at any time through the Ticket Manager.
Ticket Manager - New!
The ticket management area is used to create and manage records so that you can be better organized, retrieve messages that visitors send when your operator(s) are offline, or to just store any kind of information. Operators can also create a ticket while in a chat session and the chat log will automatically be linked with the ticket.
User is Typing Notification
Notifies the user when the other party is typing a message.
Multiple Website Support & Monitoring
Live Support code can be placed on multiple websites. No license restrictions!
User Banning
Ability to ban users from using Live Support Chat. Banned users will be directed to leave offline messages instead.
Multiple Chat Sessions
Operators can provide support for any number of people at a time.
Real-time User Watch Monitor (Flash/Web-based)
Real-time visitor chat and site monitoring for support operators. Works from any location. No downloads needed.
Monitor Several Departments with a Single Operator
Operators can provide support for multiple support categories/departments at the same time.
Administrative Control Center
Manage operators, departments, chat sessions, plus lots more! An administrator account is created for you when you first sign up however; you have the ability to add administrative access to Operators as you create them.
Flash Chat Screens
Userinteract uses flash chat screens.
No Advertisements
No advertisements will show up to your end users or operators.
No Chat Page Refreshes
Some of our competitors make the chat page refresh on a regular basis so that it can cycle and retrieve new data such as chat lines. This can be annoying to users because it flickers their chat screen and causes a clicking noise. UserInteract live support is truly real-time communication and does not use screen refreshing.
New Chat Request Notification
A clear sound will notify you of new chat requests. Turn up your speakers and go watch some TV!
Searchable Chat Transcripts
Ability to easily search and view saved chat logs.
Custom Online/Offline Status Icons
Choose your "Online" and "Offline" status icons from the library we provide or create and upload your own! We are continuously adding more and more status icons.
Real-time Active User Monitoring and Tracking
View all active users on your site, how long they have been there, what page they are viewing, visitor footsteps and a lot more useful information.
Invite Visitors to Chat
Chat invitation gives you the ability to proactively start a chat session with your visitors by sliding an Invite message across the page that they are viewing. Very Useful! Cannot be blocked by popup blockers.
Force Visitor to Chat
Popup the chat screen directly to visitors. Can be blocked by popup blockers.
Video and Audio Live Support - New!
UserInteract is proud to be the first to offer live support chat in combination with video and audio communication. Video and audio support enables operators to easily use a standard web cam and/or mic to communicate with visitors. This feature also supports 2-way video and audio which means that visitors also have the ability to use their web cam and/or mic with the chat.

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