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About UserInteract:

UserInteract.com offers web based live support services via chat, video and audio communication. This service allows webmasters to place a support button or image on their website and instantly be able to communicate directly with the visitors and potential customers, without the need of a telephone. UserInteract enables any sized business the opportunity to grow and increase sales by turning a static web page into a live sales engine.

The UserInteract service was first released to the mass public in September of 2003. The service was under development and testing for fourteen months before being released. Since then, UserInteract has ventured into many other areas of e-business, but our main focus will remain UserInteract.com and live customer support via chat, video and audio.

Small businesses love the one-on-one attention that they are not used to receiving. Larger businesses enjoy the fact they are able to get closer with clients, which gives them the ability to fight the impersonal corporate trend.

UserInteract will continuously strive to provide the best in live customer support software to our clients. If you have spoken with a representative through chat, e-mail, or on the telephone, you know first hand that we work very closely with all of our customers to ensure that they get the best out of our service. The staff here at UserInteract wish you all the best in regards to your online business and future ventures.

Live Support Provided By UserInteract.com

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